5 Simple Ways to Optimize Social Media for Mobile Marketing

The popularity of mobile marketing has greatly increased in recent years. More and more people are turning to their mobile devices when they want to interact with brands through social media. Last year, according to a Nielsen report, the amount of time spent on social media via mobile devices increased 85% for Facebook, 114% for LinkedIn, 140% for Twitter and a stunning 4,445% for Pinterest!

This is a big signal to businesses and marketers that you must be optimized for mobile devices if you want to maintain your user engagement. Here are five ways that you can make sure your business is optimized for mobile users:

Design for Mobile Users

If you haven’t done it already, then you need to create a mobile version of your website or blog. If a follower clicks on your link through social media and up pops your non-optimized website, they will not stay on it for long. Sites that are optimized for mobile are easier to read and navigate through a mobile device.

Use legible fonts and font sizes so that people don’t have to zoom in to read something. Use graphics and images that will load quickly. Remember to design for mobile first and then for desktop/laptop users.

Give More Mobile Value

When it comes to user experience, it is important to focus on simple and fast for mobile users. On the web from your home computer, most users are okay with having to bounce around from page to page to find what they are looking for, but this is not the case with mobile users. They want to find the information fast and without having to page hop. If you want to create an app for your brand, make sure that it is one that they will enjoy using because it is fun or provides useful information and tools.

Post Wisely

A post typically sees the most engagement within the first 30 minutes after it has been posted. After that, it quickly fizzles out. When you post, make sure you are posting content that will easily encourage users to interact. One of the top ways that businesses are engaging through mobile socially is to request Instagram pics from their followers. It is easy to add a post that invites users to take pictures and tag your business or product.

Test Multiple Mobile Platforms

Not all mobile platforms work in the same way. For example, if you add a link to the captions of your photos on Facebook, iPhone and Android phone users won’t be able to click on them, but tablet users will. Test out the different platforms so that you can get a better idea of the user experience from different devices. This will help you make sure that your posts bring the results you are aiming for.

Look at Analytics

Not all audiences are the same. Look at your own analytics to see where your engagement is coming from. You might have more users that engage on social media from a home computer and not a mobile device, depending on your target demographic. If you see that you are still getting higher engagement from computer users and not mobile, then you don’t have to make dramatic changes to your social media strategy. Always do a little bit of content testing to see what is giving you the best results and what is not working.

Mobile marketing is on the rise, meaning that more users are turning to mobile devices when they want to engage with brands through social media. Make sure that you are keeping up with these changes and optimize your content for the mobile age.

Get Expanded Big Business Through Online Mobile Marketing

arketing used to be static. Customers had no say. No control. Being a mobile phone user a decade ago meant you were ahead of the curve. You could be reached anytime, anywhere. Marketing isn’t static anymore. Being a mobile phone user nowadays doesn’t make you a leader, it’s the norm. When you combine the two what do you get: No more static. Your business needs to reach mobile phone users anytime, anywhere. This is mobile marketing.

To say marketing carries influence would be an understatement. It’s more than just an influence. It’s an enabler to create newer, better customer experiences. Mobile marketing takes on many forms – from SMS to QR codes. But before we talk about QR, let’s look at the numbers behind the power of text messages and the potential it has for your business from a mobile SEO standpoint.

A common tactic in SMS marketing is the use of short codes. Short codes are concise – using a 5 digit numbers rather a traditional 10 digital number, and is easy to remember. No wonder then that in Canada alone, a total of 610 million common short code text messages were sent and received during the third quarter of 2012.

From a business perspective, mobile marketing is a beast. Reach more by saying less. It’s a brilliantly simple concept, don’t you agree?

But mobile marketing is more than just SMS. It’s a platform that, if used well, could also drive more content to your website (assuming you have one) and make your business more tech and on-the-go friendly. Your customers are staying still anymore. Mobile SEO was created to keep up with them on the go. Now back to our original outline, up next – QR Codes and its role in mobile marketing.

To fully understand the potential and persuasive nature of QR Codes, it’s important to look at statistics (again) to support the technology. In the 2nd quarter of 2012, it was reported by Scan life that 5.3 million scans were tallied in the month of June alone. This equates to the highest number of scans in a month. When looking at industry specifics, QR code rates vary. According to the same report by Scan life, the toy industry had the most success. But whether you’re in the toy business or not, it is difficult to deny how QR codes are changing the ways customers can interact with your business.

Mobile marketing is all about engagement and influence. Customers now hold the power in their hands. As a business, we’re turning into producers of content, with an aim to engage, enlighten, entertain and even educate. Whether you’re using mobile in the short code, SMS format to push alerts or are using QR codes in the interactive, see and shoot style, content matters for your business. The more you can engage and interact with your customers, the more they’ll remember you and keep coming back for more. No matter your business, you can use a mobile to spice things up. It’s no longer enough to just launch and wait. Your customers are people too, and their personalities are different. So make your business different – add some content and mobile marketing to bring it to life.

The Mistake Most Small Business Owners Make When Diving Into Mobile Marketing

It seems that everywhere you go there are people talking about how you need to get into mobile marketing because you need it for your sales. Then try to sell you an app straight away.

You should not do anything that will not add to your bottom line. You need to be sure that what you do will bring in money, and therefore need to do research first. Ask yourself what problem you need to solve, and whether mobile marketing will help solve it. Once you have the answer to that, and have done the work necessary to be able to start with your marketing campaign, then, by all means, go for it.

Mobile marketing should

· Save you time and money.

· Give your customers some type of exclusivity, or add value to their lives and make them happy.

· Make you and your team’s lives easier.

This is the mistake most business owners make: They don’t have a mobile version of their website, and they don’t solve a problem with their marketing.

You need to do the same keyword research you would do to see if your website or blog will be viable. You need to do this to make sure your customers are actually looking for you on their mobile device, and find out what they are looking for. What problem do they have that you can solve? Find that, and you will have a way to market to your customers.

For example: People who look for restaurants usually want to know

1. Directions

2. Your contact details

3. Your hours

4. To see a menu before they go

According to Google, 90% of mobile searches end up in a form of action they take. So if your website hasn’t got a mobile equivalent, and your mobile website does not solve a problem your customer may have, you are losing business.

So before you get started with marketing for mobile:

· Make sure you know if your customers are actually looking for you.

· Find what they are looking for. What kind of problem can you help them solve?

· Create an app or a mobile version of your website and make sure you solve their problem.

If you add to this knowledge of your target market, you have a winning combination.

Mobile marketing is with us to stay, but make sure you use it correctly. It is not like a website or a blog. You need to approach it differently. Different types of people use mobile marketing. They search differently, and have different needs. Observe those, address them, and you will have successful mobile marketing campaigns.

Launch A Mobile Marketing Business

Now is the right time to launch a mobile marketing business. Mobile marketing has become one of the hottest advertising techniques for businesses to reach more consumers worldwide. Sending promotional messages to potential customers on their mobile device has been a driving force to turn brands into a household name. According to recent reports, there are more than 5 billion mobile phone subscribers. Users always have their smartphones within reach so even when on the move, they can still connect to the mobile web anytime they want. Therefore, tapping into this market holds a lot of potential.

A mobile presence is what organizations need at this point in time. This can be attained through the creation of a mobile friendly website which requires the use of a mobile website builder. This platform functions to give audiences the ultimate mobile experience ever. Built-in features allow developers to create a professional site with contents viewable on mobile devices. Customization is possible because you can add in logos, corporate colors and whatever design you want to include. You can choose a template from the gallery to match your type of business. Navigation is enhanced for touch screen technology to enable easy browsing across pages.

Learning how mobile marketing works is essential for the business operation. Researching about mobile trends will give you an idea about the concept and best practices to implement. The vendor of your mobile site creator will also provide you with training manuals, videos and exclusive webinars to teach you the ins and outs of website design as well as the concept of sales and marketing. Promoting your brand to mobile consumers is important as it helps in product awareness. Therefore, you need to plan your strategies and develop marketing campaigns that are relevant to your target audience.

There are different types of advertising campaigns you can apply for a specific market. But first, you need to understand the needs of your audience in order to develop the right campaign that will heighten their senses. Just as in any campaign, you have to track and monitor results to make certain funds are not wasted. Marketing messages should be tested and improved to achieve desired goals. It could be a great lead generating tool that helps in increasing customer base, site traffic and conversion rates. This technique is often used to build brand recognition and to keep business name at the forefront.

Before you invest money on a mobile marketing venture, it is best to determine company goals to keep you on the right track. Establish a budget for advertising campaigns and work within that scope. Retain effective campaigns and get rid of those that do not yield positive results. The use of a tracking tool enables business owners to provide messages in the most effective manner. Companies that take time to capitalize on the power of mobile technologies can keep up with stiff competition. A mobile marketing business plan must be fully laid out and perfectly implemented.

Easy Approaches To Sell To A Mobile Market

With messages and attention spans that are much shorter, mobile advertising appears on its face like it might be a simpler kind of marketing to have a go at. Nevertheless, if you don’t know precisely what you’re doing, you’re likely to discover that mobile marketing is much more challenging than other kinds of online marketing you’ll attempt. So prior to going face first into a brick wall, review some fast and simple ways to master mobile marketing.

The initial step in simplifying the mobile marketing procedure would be to recognize with whom you’re marketing as well as the various kinds of devices your target audience is utilizing. For example, if one of the clients is utilizing an iPhone and chooses to stop by your website, they’re not likely to view the exact same version they would with an ordinary PC. Everything’s likely to be built in a different way, and unless the website was created for a mobile perspective, it’s likely to be a great deal more difficult to browse through. Put some attention into building you website for a smaller sized display.

The possibilities are great that you’re likely to meet up with your clients through other means before you’ll ever get their mobile numbers to get in touch with them through their devices. So to be able to effectively hold down a mobile advertising campaign, you need to draw in men and women via other means and really get them to speak with you by means of their mobile devices. If this can be done, you’ll have a direct line of connection with each and every one of your prospects and clients.

Apps are actually what mobile phone devices are about. Everybody with a cell phone has a handful of applications they like fiddling around on. Some apps are totally for amusement, but other applications are very helpful. You will find a variety of financial applications, planning-centered applications, as well as others which help individuals keep organized. Provide some applications which are highly relevant to your business which help your customers if you wish to gain some respect.

Whenever you draw in individuals to the mobile aspect of marketing, you can get in touch with them anytime with any kind of message you would like. Nevertheless, this really is something you should not take advantage of. Be sure that you’re only getting in touch with them when you’ve got something significant, and do not generate an extended text message. Keep everything brief and right to the point. Type with powerful phrases and grab their interest.

You most likely currently possess a mobile phone and understand there are data transfer restrictions and online connectivity problems in some locations. What this means is you need to keep the size of your content material as small as possible. Don’t go crazy with various features that will take forever to load up. Keep everything smaller which means that your customers can see whatever you will need them to with no problem.

Mobile phone marketing and advertising puts you in immediate connection with your clients, so it’s absolutely among the best approaches to market in today’s world. If you wish to do things the proper way, be sure you stick to the suggestions as listed above.